Beautiful, Functional, Durable

Vitruvius the Roman said it, Palladio the Florentine said it, Frank Lloyd Wright the American Architect said it yet still the timeless way of building (Christopher Alexander said it too) eludes most of our buildings.  Beauty is needed because no one will love and care for an ugly building, functional buildings are needed so that […]

Posh Houses

Wallace Stegner’s comments about the West, and by extension the Sunbelt including my home Atlanta open this blog: “…the West at large is hope’s native home, the youngest and freshest of America’s regions, magnificently endowed and with the chance to be become something unprecedented and unmatched in the world.” A caution: “But exaggerated, uninformed, unrealistic, […]

Nature Strikes Back

Eco-Inspector’s brother Matt was bitten by a Copperhead on his pinky toe. If you think he was grubbing around in the woods you are mistaken: he was taking a stroll down the sidewalk of his upscale subdivision near Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County, Georgia Matt’s encounter with the snake is one unfortunate result of the end […]