The Future of How Homes Work

It’s been a crazy-busy spring.  So much so that I’m only now getting around to writing about the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors March conference, plus a few personal observations Proposed Electric Code:  Plugged Into the Future One goal of the code is to anticipate future trends The future is here: for the first time […]

Looking ahead, Looking back

Comments, observations and opinions on my 30th inspection year Down the Road Drive-to-mortgage bigger, newer, cheaper suburban homes still dominate the market.  But Millennials have altered the equation by demanding neighborhood amenities and short commutes. Fundamental change toward efficient and sustainable construction methods and materials is gathering speed. Drivers like lead the way. The bigger […]

The Power of Piss and other Tails

Our tenant’s Christmas cooking party turned out to be a stinker when mice took up residence in the back of the gas oven. Building Science informs us that heating accelerates chemical reactions.  Imagine Old Dog Smell to the 10th power. Cleaning did not change the smell factor.  Here’s the sexed-up explanation why:   Animals obey their biological imperatives.  They’re adapted to survive.  They seek shelter from the […]

Letters Home

Inspectors typically work Point of Sale transactions.  A lot of what we do gets lost in the buyers rush to negotiate, move and settle. Here are my reasons to schedule aMaintenance Inspection every 6-9 years. The science of how we build and live in homes is changing.  Materials, methods and lifestyle all have an impact on function and […]

A New, Old House

My ESL wife (English the Second Language) characterized the 1924 Bungalow we purchased in Candler Park in 1984 as our “New, Old House”. Take a look at this renovation of a late 70’s architect-designed modern by Karen and Meredith at Phoenix Resurrections. Here’s a photo of what it looked like before they purchased the property. […]

Hardscape Recipe

Start with a plan; a collaborative effort between the homeowner and architect Add one Landscape Design and Installation Contractor.  Mix lightly  Measure ingredients; concrete, stone, block, brick and mortar Heat with  equal parts intelligence, skill and physical effort Adjust mixture according to weather, plan changes, material costs, sub-contractor mistakes, alignment and homeowner schedule. Enjoy for […]

Summer in the City

A casual late summer Weekend in the ATL included: Grant Park Farmers Market Getting Bigger A Finished last week’s business.  Bike ride to retrieve a radon test kit in Kirkwood, drop by to Oakhurst to check out the BBQ festival set up, visit with friends near Sun in My Belly.  Hit a bucket of Balls […]

Cable Guys Tear it Up

Inspection standards require me to respect each home I enter and to leave the property in the same condition I found it.  I work hard at this.  It’s often a challenge due to various factors.People get mad when you mess up their homes, even if things are just a little out of place. Cable splitter […]

Catching Hail

I’ve been inspecting roofs for decades and had not seen significant hail damage until last week. Real Hail  Rarely damages the entire roof.  Hailstorms are typically wind-driven.  Damage occurs at roof planes at approximate right angles to the falling hail.  Only the upper rear roof was damaged; the other roof planes suffered glancing blows Soft […]

Atlanta Weekend

What to do on a fine October Weekend in Atlanta? The Eco-Inspector took a group from Villa International to the Clarkston International Festival, worked on his front porch, rode Stone Mountain, checked out some old and new homes and hung out with the crew at the Candler Park FallFest. Top it all off with the […]