2014 Atlanta Home Trends

These real-world trends in the Atlanta market are worth a look. Thanks to agent Peggy Desiderio and landscape contractor David Curl for your knowledge and advice   Walk To Pizza What was once a lifestyle decision is now an economic necessity.   This nation-wide trend holds for Atlanta, ITPand OTP. http://www.theatlanticcities.com/jobs-and-economy/2012/05/why-you-pay-more-walkable-neighborhoods/2122/                 Take the Last Train to Boomerville  Ranch-condo quads […]

Ice, Snow and Old Houses

Notes on Stormageddon and the Decatur Old House Fair In my capacity as an engineering technician I’ve learned to evaluate storm damage.  Keep me in mind if you’ve got tree-on-the-house. I spoke to an arborist who told me many firms do not charge to assess trees.  They make their money on surgery, trimming and removal. Public adjusters assist homeowners by ensuring hazard insurance […]

Learn to Identify Potential Problems in Older Homes

A Checklist for Looking at an  Older  Home Was there a building permit?  All but the most minor improvements require plan approval and site inspections by the city or county. Often the home owner/renovator will bypass the entire process. Sometimes the work performed without review is pretty good; sometimes it’s terrible.  If the home is […]

Good Growth vs Neighborhood NIMBYs

The Frazer Mess: When trying to be a good neighbor becomes impossible. The Frazer center is a non-profit operating on the former estate of Equifax founder Cator Woolford. Frazer operates a school for adults with Cerebral Palsy, daycare for CP and “normal” infants and children, a low-cost hospitality house for area hospital patient relatives and […]

ITP and OTP in the ATL

Virtuous Cycle:  At the DeKalb Neighborhood Summit free FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) containers and pickup.  Sign up online at www.curbsidebiofuel.com Beltline Saturday:  Easy RR grade from Dekalb Ave. to Monroe at the foot of 10th.  Couple of thousand parents, kids, joggers, couples, runners