It's the Environment, stupid

You know how you do things the same way for years and years and then, one day, someone, something or some event blows it all away like 9/11?

Or, slowly, gradually, facts start to accumulate, empiricism takes hold and you begin to understand that what you’ve been doing is not just a little wrong but is the polar opposite of what and who you think you are?

Epiphany! There is a whole other way of experiencing and acting in the world, you look around and think: What a bunch of stupid idiots the rest of the world is for not understanding like I do?

And then you realize that there’s lots of other people like you who DO understand and have reached the conclusion that the best way to deal with the situation is to show others the way of change and to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Changing attitudes and behaviors is simple and (“Cliche!, Cliche!”) not easy

We are building stupid buildings: wasteful, ugly, dis-functional homes.

We ignore the lessons of history, the science of building and the potential benefits of technology for what? Granite countertops, three-car garages, jetted tubs and more bathrooms than even the most incontinent human would ever need.

Buildings that leak, reek and speak volumes about who we are.

Answers are everywhere if you happen to be looking for them.

Link and think:

Your Eco-Inspector

Dan Curl


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