Just Enough for the City (Tokyo)

Roberto posted the Amazon link to Just Enough because he knows I am a student of Japanese culture. The book is subtitled “lessons in living green from traditional japan”. It explains how the Japanese learned to live within the limits of their ecosystem. That they did it functionally and gracefully is what impresses this infrequent blogger. Am looking forward to walking the Nihombashi and Kanda neighborhoods when I visit Tokyo next year. On a scale of 1-10 I give this book a 7

Comedian Jeff Garlin’s “my footprint” is stand-up posing as a book. I had seen Garlin on The Daily Show and, as bad luck may have it, read that he was doing a signing in L5 the next night. It was raining buckets as Kai and I struggled into A Cappella but that was nothing compared to downpour of Asshole Garlin was dispensing inside. My Footprint is rambling, poorly written ego-trip about Garlin and his Hollywood friends. Hey Jeff, I’m a Big Fan and don’t care that you produce Curb Your Enthusiasm. On a scale of 1-10 I give this production a 2

Your Eco-Inspector
Dan Curl


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