Nature Strikes Back

Eco-Inspector’s brother Matt was bitten by a Copperhead on his pinky toe. If you think he was grubbing around in the woods you are mistaken: he was taking a stroll down the sidewalk of his upscale subdivision near Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Matt’s encounter with the snake is one unfortunate result of the end of our regions’ four-year drought. The rains have rejuvenated dormant animal populations and the predators that feed on them.

Another unforseen result is more power outages. The crowns of drought-weakened trees are full of new leaves making them perfect sails. Even modest winds topple trees and power lines

So here is our lesson for the day: every event has a consequence.
That includes wearing flip flops while taking a stroll

Matt spent five days in the hospital. Snake venom is nasty stuff: in addition to attacking the nervous system it “tenderizes” the flesh of its’ victims. This can lead to a number of complications.

We should be happy our long, dry spell is over and prepare for more snakes, downed trees and mosquitos.

One final comment: I am REALLY keeping my eyes open during inspections these days. You never know when a snake might bite or a tree might fall.


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