Word has it that they want to change the Candler Park Golf Course.  No Way, Jose!  CPGC is the quintessential neighborhood course:  9 holes, great for practicing your short game, a place to teach kids and newbies the game, 10 bucks weekday for city residents, center for snow day sledding, nighttime after-party rounds, small greens, hills, valleys and a distinct intown vibe.

A gift from the Candlers the course also boasts a naturalized stream (formerly a concrete V) now taken over by beavers and waterfowl.  Every local knows the hawk’s favorite perch on the pine tree on the 7th fairway

Atlanta needs places like this:  public, accessible and cheap.  A place to meet, play and enjoy nature.  Methinks the gentrifizers want to get their grubbies on it:  I say there’s a great way to enjoy this space:
Tee it up and enjoy your own self

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