Maintenance / Pre-Listing Inspections

Prepare Your House For Sale

Identify the current issues in your house for your own benefit or to prepare the house for an eventual sale.  Knowing what is wrong or may be soon will help you to plan and make the right decisions.  A pre-listing inspection can set your home apart from the competition and help increase your home’s chances of selling since the prospective buyers will know that the home will:

  1. Meet the appraisers and lender’s condition guidelines;
  2. Not likely have any unforeseen issues arise in the buyer’s inspection that could derail the sale
  3. Be consistent with what was told to the buyer to agree to the price that was contracted for.

There are a few issues with obtaining a pre-listing inspection that you should know about when making a decision to go forward.

1. Pre-listing inspections may not make you get the contract but they often can optimize the chances that the deal will go through.

2. If you get a pre-listing inspection you this may affect the  requirements for disclosures of negative findings.

3. A pre-listing inspection won’t take the place of your buyer’s inspection.

You want the buyers to have the house inspected themselves so they can be sure that things are as they should be and so you won’t not be responsible for anything that was missed.

Pre-Renovation Inspections Save Money

Pre-renovation inspections identify defects and recommend improvements that can be done much more efficiently and at less cost during the renovation.

We take a whole house approach to inspections. 

For those who want the big picture, we look at the whole house. Inspectors are unique in that they look at the entire property, from curb to rooftop. Few in the construction industry provide this type of service. Waiting for problems to bad enough to be recognized inevitably increases repair costs. Invest in your homes future with an inspection today. We truly do have a comprehensive point of view

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