New Construction Inspections

Before you take the keys to your new home from the builder you may want to consider our new construction inspection. We can inspect your new home or building as a trained but neutral third party to insure that your punch list is complete.  This service can provide you with “quality assurance” while the builder is there to rectify any unsound or unsafe issues.

Some buyers feel that an independent inspection is unnecessary because the home is new, and the city or county was doing inspections all along. This however is not the case. Those inspectors are inspecting for code issues and not looking at anything else. We have found that despite warranties and assurances from the builder that they will be there to fix anything they that comes up in the first year that needs repair, this is often not the case. Best to find things before the builder packs up.

Here is a list of things we have seen that were in new homes that had been inspected by local building officials as well as the construction supervisor when it was ready to occupy.

  • Windows that had the sills sloped toward the building which overtime would cause water infiltration.
  • Sagging ductwork, ready to collect condensing water which could result in health hazards.
  • Improper installation of  insulation in the attic that did not meet standards and would result in ongoing higher utility costs.
  • Improperly located air vents or rooms without vents as well as inadequately sized HVAC systems.
  • Unfinished areas with exposed wiring that could result in fires.
  • Poor quality workmanship
  • Products not installed according to manufacturers specification which could invalidate the warranty.

You have a great deal of leverage before you pay the builder the final portion of the fee. Having attended your inspection and then getting our written report will give you the knowledge and confidence to get the crucial items taken care of in order to protect yourself.

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