2022 Pricing Guide

These prices are estimates.  Scheduler Sue Foss will finalize the fees after speaking with you.

 Single Family Detached Home

  • Slab: $500
  • Basement:$550
  • Crawl Space: $600
  • Slab/basement with partial crawl space $575
  • Any house over 3,500 square feet:  add $125
  • Any house over 5,000 square feet: call for pricing


Townhomes are attached dwellings of two to four floors. Townhomes are built in rows and share one or two walls

  • Less than 2000 square feet: $475
  • More than 2000 square feet: $525


Condominiums are typically one floor. Ownership is limited to the unit. Condominiums may be converted two-story apartments, mid or high rise buildings. Inspections may include accessible, applicable commons areas like roofs, attics, basements and crawl spaces

  • Unit only: $400
  • Unit plus attic, basement or crawl space $450

New Construction and Renovations

Your inspector is a C5 code-certified master inspector

Pre-Drywall and Final Inspections

Pre-drywall inspections review moisture control, framing and mechanical work before the interior is covered with insulation and drywall. Final inspections cover the finished dwelling and are usually scheduled 3-7 days prior to closing or final payment

Pre-Drywall Fees

  • Single Family Homes and Townhomes: $475
  • Over 3500 square feet add $125

Final Inspection Fees

  • When combined with a pre-drywall inspection: $450
  • Otherwise regular inspection fees apply


Re-inspections are ordered to review repairs made after the initial inspection or when systems or components were not operable during the original inspection

  • Re-inspection fee: $225

Radon Sampling

Test results are downloaded and sent same day test is complete

  • 48 hour Continuous Radon Monitoring: $200


Commercial inspections are bid per request. Contact Taylor at 404-277-3590 to discuss your needs and receive a written quote.

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