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When it comes to getting an inspection for your home or building, you want to be sure you are getting a comprehensive inspection from an expert. With over 35+ years experience and education in building science, inspectors Dan Curl & Taylor Owens will provide you with all the information that you’ll need to make important decisions about your property now and in the future. 


Every building tells a story and my job is to uncover that story.  I study a building’s history, assess its general condition, find it’s strong and weak points and zero in on specific defects. Knowing WHY there’s a problem is as important to me as knowing WHAT is wrong. Thats what the owners need to know.

I have 30 years of inspection experience and conducted thousands of inspections in Metro Atlanta: residential and light-commercial construction, homes new and old, large and small, single and multi-family. I bring to my work an appreciation of Building Science, how forces of nature, occupancy and use interact with the built environment.

I have to say I really love what I do. And the part of my job that I love best is the opportunity to educate my clients. I do a deep dive on each property and my clients come away with a thorough understanding of the state of their home/building.

MEET Taylor Owens

Just as construction, architecture, and engineering methods have evolved over time, Comprehensive Home Inspections has evolved with the addition of Atlanta native ,Taylor Owens to our inspection team.

Taylor is proficient applying the principles of Building Science to the inspection process for homes and buildings of all types with his Georgia Tech degree in Building Construction and ten years as project manager on major projects such as water treatment plants and landfill gas power generation.

Taylor’s knowledge of construction best practices complements Dan’s as he too is  able to provide clients with a thorough and detailed understanding of how their homes or building work and what is happening and why when there is a problem.  

You won’t find a more competent team of inspectors in this industry.  

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