A Brief History of Texas Toast: The Asian Connection

My introduction to Texas Toast was in 1968 when we moved to Austin.  Ever-thangs big in Texas and I quickly learned how to match Texas Toast with Chicken-Fried steak, pinto beans and fried okra.
Imagine my discovering it is common in Tokyo.  Texas Toast is available in the ATL at Mozart Korean Bakery and in Chamblee’s Chinatown. 

A Small Luxury
During the war (WWII) when refined foods were increasingly scarce staples like flour were adulterated with unrefined wheat and other additives.  Humans covet what they cannot have:  a big piece of white bread became desirable-not just because refined flour was scarce but as a reminder of better times and as a status symbol.  Think Caviar for the undernourished.

Morning Seto (Morning Set)
Baby Boomers in Japan took the food to it’s next manifestation, the Morning Set.  Busy salarymen now stopped for a quick breakfast of coffee, small salad and Texas Toast.  The toast provides carbohydrate bulk and can be prepared with a variety of toppings.

Asian Starbucks
The menu photo is from a coffee shop in Chamblee’s Chinatown.  Comfort food with a Texas/Asian connection

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