Catching Hail

I’ve been inspecting roofs for decades and had not seen significant hail damage until last week.

Real Hail 
Rarely damages the entire roof.  Hailstorms are typically wind-driven.  Damage occurs at roof planes at approximate right angles to the falling hail.  Only the upper rear roof was damaged; the other roof planes suffered glancing blows

Soft metal damage.  This refers to vents of varying types damaged by hail.  A turtle-back attic exhaust vent is pictured here.  Small bumps indicate small hail.  Big bumps indicate big hail.

Significant gouging of asphalt granules.  Not little bits but chunks of the surface scoured from the shingle face by hail impact

Hail damage does occur.  But the hailstones must be large enough, fall at an angle that results in significant granule loss and the hailstorm has to last long enough to cause shingle failure.

When these metrics are compared with the number of claims made the numbers just don’t work.  The insurance companies know it, roofers know it and homeowners know it.


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