Ice, Snow and Old Houses

Snowy #2 Tee at Candler Park Golf Course

Notes on Stormageddon and the Decatur Old House Fair

In my capacity as an engineering technician I’ve learned to evaluate storm damage.  Keep me in mind if you’ve got tree-on-the-house.

I spoke to an arborist who told me many firms do not charge to assess trees.  They make their money on surgery, trimming and removal.

Public adjusters assist homeowners by ensuring hazard insurance companies honor their homeowner policies.

Georgia DNR historic preservation program offers tax credits for historically designated neighborhoods like WWII-era Westminster near Emory University.


I enjoy my walks down Ponce on snow days

Fencing contractor mentioned his membership in theAtlanta Archaeological Society.  There’s plenty of history in underground Atlanta:  this group gets you digging.

Eastlake Drive neighbor Michael Purser of Rosebud Floors gave me his new CD that explains how to clean hardwood floors the right way.


Weatherization contractor told me that dollar costs of energy savings are the same regardless of the age of the home. This confirms my field observations that, in spite of new energy codes, the construction industry and general public don’t understand or appreciate how to build energy efficient homes.  I do, let me show you how.

Architects and contractors specialize in restoration and historically correct renovations.  Their expertise is worth every cent…unless your only metric is how much more ft/2 you’ll get.


I gave a talk about why homeowners equate convenience with efficiency and how the study of older homes can help us build better, not bigger.

Kudos to Regina Brewer, a corps of hardworking volunteers and the City of Decatur for another great year at the Old House Fair!


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