ITP and OTP in the ATL

Virtuous Cycle:  At the DeKalb Neighborhood Summit free FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) containers and pickup.  Sign up online at
Beltline Saturday:  Easy RR grade from Dekalb Ave. to Monroe at the foot of 10th.  Couple of thousand parents, kids, joggers, couples, runners
Passed thru the Krog tunnel and smacked into Cabbagtown Chili Stomp
Eco-Inspector posing with fellow court rat James.  You know you’re old when you worry about the kids falling off the roof
Our Cutleaf Mother Maple going all Fall on us
Powder Springs Road presents a mix of performing and non-performing retail
Karen and Meredith at Phoenix Property Resurrections transformed another Duckling to Swan in Powder Springs

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