My Takeaways on 2015

Vaulted Great Room at Jean’s mountain home


Living Large

Big sells no matter how small the household

Bling to Bland: former luxury items like granite countertops, doublepane windows, efficient construction and fancy master bathrooms are now standard



Hot Property: Marietta Street loft with lofty views of downtown and midtown

Hot and so Pricey

Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Decatur, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and other close-in home values and rents are up

Millennial Market

30-somethings must cope with a harsh and changing world and they’re doing pretty good at it. A couple ways they differ from Boomers:

No sale when the commute is more than ½ hour

No DIY maintenance, repair and renovation. That work is for others

Careful with the Cash

Unlike the aught bubble days lenders and appraisers are fastidious

Quick closings are over. All documentation must be legally perfect

The rains came before the terrace was covered


High humidity continues to confound the experts

Every new technology, design and product fosters new mistakes
Tight construction improves comfort and efficiency. It may also cause indoor air quality (IAQ) problems

It’s next to impossible to build in the rain

Flashing and water barrier help keep moisture out of exterior walls

Solutions Sought, Solutions Found

If the answer escapes you hire someone with the training and experience to catch it

Google can’t completely answer the questions you’re asking but it helps



It’s past time to replace this overloaded fuse box

New building code addresses common defects like deck construction, energy efficiency, moisture control and defective siding

If you haven’t assessed, repaired or upgraded your home in the last 20 years chances are you’ll spend a lot more money on repairs and improvements at 25 (Dan’s 20-year Rule).

First step:  have me perform a maintenance home inspection



New homes are designed to resist higher wind loads

Universal Truths

These days forces of nature are more forceful

Ultra-violet light, heat and moisture continue to destroy buildings

Atlanta traffic is bad. The region is overdue for thoughtful change

                                       Never, ever, buy a house your wife has not seen


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