The Fresh Face of Comprehensive Home Inspections

In the fall of ’86, burned out on hotel management, newlywed and shouldering a 14.5% mortgage loan I needed another career, a place to call home

Serendipity and circumstance met and married. Inspecting fulfilled my need for independence, provided a healthy mix of field and office work, connected me with diverse and interesting persons, pricked my curiosity and fulfilled my desire to help others

Challenging, stimulating and sometimes dirty work has been worth the effort

There have been negatives: Recessions, unpredictable work schedules and high risk/low reward compensation. The inspector’s role in construction falls between industry norms: we are generalists in an industry of specialists and established roles, expected to comment upon everything from engineering design to pest control.


A challenge yes, but an interesting, diverse one. No two homes are the same, even if they appear to be.

It’s been a great run but the time has come to pass operations to Taylor Owens

I do so with great confidence. Taylor understands and accepts the methodology of Building Science. His education (BS in Building Construction at Ga. Tech)

Taylor Owens on the job. He’s checked all the boxes: education, training, experience, business and communication skills

aptitude, skills and experience (10 years as commercial construction supervisor) exceed mine in several important aspects. In his 15 months of training he has sweated hot attics, mucked through slimy crawl spaces and endured awkward situations. He’s received high praise from clients. He writes a good report.

I knew Taylor was the right person when he told me he’d downloaded all 362 episodes of This Old House. Now that’s interest and commitment!

Taylor is taking control of Comprehensive Home Inspections starting January 1. I’ll remain, just not in daily operations. CHI’s continuity of working principles and solid professionalism is a win-win for clients.

He may not be smiling behind the mask but he’s ready to tackle tough crawl spaces

Thank You’s are due to 10s of thousands. I’ll mention just a few

John Kamisky PE gave me my start. John’s boundless and youthful energy has inspired and sustained me. He’s also been tennis partner, “Uncle John” to my kids and a true and faithful friend.         Kai Curl; wife, partner, vice-president, bookkeeper. Never in life could I have done so well without you

John Kamisky PE got me started and kept me going

Schedulers Sue Foss, sister Dolores Sarubbi and niece Sabrina Watson. Your professional and measured presence has been an essential element of my success. Thanks for keeping me from going crazy!

Dean Moore; co-worker and thoughtful friend who keeps things light despite dark times


With Southface founder Dennis Creech at Greenprints conference

Taylor Owens for suffering 16 months listening to Dan repeat the same inspection stories ad nauseam
Mike BarcikDennis Creech and the Southface staff for teaching me some really good BS (Building Science)
Frank Moon and other ride-alongs; your desire to understand How Homes Work led you to me, your help and friendship sustained me.



Landscape Designer David Curl explaining irrigation storage design for HGTV show

Past and present members of the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors and The Southeast Chapter of American Society of Home Inspectors; I can’t begin to repay your efforts to further our profession. Special thanks to friends Mickey HeinzeChris Curles and Bill Garwood.

Agents who’ve stood by me despite my occasional mis-steps and mis-statements including Bill Adams and the agents of Adams RealtorsDavid SchenckSusan OderMableton Mac ScheideggerPeggy Desiderio, and Pam Hughes. And to many, many more I can’t thank you enough.


In the future I’m likely to be visiting more conferences than crawl spaces

Engineers and Contractors including Jeff Tarbutton PE for your sound advice, humor and perspective, Bill Rankin PE, fellow Episcopalian and doer of many good works, George Gary for your HVAC expertise and help to my family at a troubled time, plumber Mitchell Cary and Daughters, healthy air prophet Stephen Andrews and landscape designer David Curl.


Buildings continue to excite and fascinate me

Finally a special remembrance to three who’ve passed:
Ron Fournier who always took the time to explain engineering to this History major
Fierce and loyal defender of Dan agent Mary Jean Green conquered daunting life challenges with sprit and courage
Broker Richard Patterson, who, despite a losing battle with AIDS, never failed to spare precious minutes helping me and many others.


What’s Next?
A sabbatical: time to reset priorities, revisit old interests and explore new ones

Thanks again to all y’all
It’s been a fun ride.


Inspector Dan


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