Womens World Cup: The Japanese Connection

Homare Sawa, from Fuchu (in metroTokyo on the Keio Line past Chofu), played for the Atlanta Beat in 2002.

My daughter Hana (playing out of the Decatur Y for Arsenal, Luma Mufleh, coach) shouted to her after a game that her Japanese mom would cook her a real Japanese dinner.  A few days later Sawa came over.  We got to know her as a kid who ate a lot and had the normal problems of dating and getting along in a foreign country.  Plus she shared our love of Golden Labradors.  One noticed her talent on the field immediately.  She’s the center of the Japanese World Cup team this year as in years past.  The kitchen is still open Sawa-san, so the next time you’re in the ATL stop by for some real home cookin’!


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